Avocado Honey - 60 lb Bucket
Avocado Honey - 60 lb Bucket

Avocado Honey - 60 lb Bucket

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Some avocados, and a hexagon demonstrating the "Dark Amber" honey tone.

High F/G
Non-GMO Certified
Color: Dark Amber

Avocado Honey results from Honey Bees feeding on the Nectar of Avocado Blossoms.

Avocado Honey is dark-colored, it has high conductivity with an extraordinary nutritional value due to its high mineral content and antioxidants.

Each flower opens at different and separate times, which prevents self-fertilization. Each tree can produce up to a million flowers.

Ingredients: 100% Honey
Country of Origin: Mexico

Do not feed honey to infants under 1 year of age

Map of mexico showing avocado honey production areas

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