Alfalfa Honey

Alfalfa Blosssoms
3 Jars full of Alfalfa Honey
High F/G
Non-GMO Certified

Alfalfa Honey results from Honey Bees feeding on the Nectar of Alfalfa Blossoms.
Alfalfa honey is a creamy, extra light amber honey with a mild, delicate flavor profile.
The taste of alfalfa honey is often described as pleasantly mild and slightly floral, with subtle grassy undertones. It has a smooth texture and a relatively slow crystallization rate, making it easy to spread and use in various culinary applications.
Overall, it offers a gentle sweetness with hints of floral and herbal notes, making it a popular choice among honey enthusiasts.

ALL our Honey is RAW & Unfiltered, unless otherwise specified and/or requested.

60 lb Bucket
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