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At Honey Blossom, our mission has always been to bring real, unadulterated Honey to our clients. We passionate about bringing the amazing flavors and colors of our Honey varietals to our customers. We harvest our Honey in the most pristine rural areas throughout Mexico to ensure you’re getting the highest quality, most flavorful Honey on the planet.

All of our Honey is 100%, all-natural, unpasteurized, unblended, and unadulterated. In addition,
it is certified Non-GMO, Kosher, and Glyphosate Residue-Free!

We place our bees in specific farms near crops and in rural areas where they are able to create unique Honey varietals from collecting the nectar primarily from the blossom of the main floral source where they are located. We harvest our honey directly from the hives where our bees have been located to create such gourmet varietals, each with their own unique color and flavor profile. Our goal is to bring you the real, amazing gourmet honey that only pure nature and our bees can make!

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