Mesquite Creamy Honey

a mesquite tree in the middle of a desert, with 2 hexagons showing the shades of honey: White and Extra Light amber.
3 jars of mesquite honey showing the creamy, white consistency of honey

Low F/G
Non-GMO Certified
Color: White to ELA
Availability: April/May

Mesquite Honey results from Honey Bees feeding on the Nectar of Mesquite Blossoms.

Mesquite honey covers colors from white to extra white, a very subtle flavor and good crystallization.

The flowers are dense and perfumed; It blooms in April and May.
Mesquite grows in arid and semi-arid regions of Mexico, including northern of Sinaloa.


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map of mexico showing the states from which Mesquite honey is produced

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