Mango Honey

a mango tree focusing on 2 mangoes, and 2 hexagons showing the shades of honey: light amber and amber
3 jars of mango honey, showing that each can vary in color

  High F/G
Non-GMO Certified
Color: LA to Amber
Availability: November/March

Mango Honey results from Honey Bees feeding on the Nectar of Mango Blossoms.

The mango tree grows in tropical climates.
The extended exposure to temperatures below 30 ° F can kill or damage the mango tree. The flowers are produced in clusters or terminal panicles with lengths of 4 to 16 inches. Each flower is small with white petals, and has a soft and sweet aroma.
The flowers are pollinated by insects and less than 1% of the flowers will mature to form a fruit. A mango tree in full bloom is a true spectacle!


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map of mexico showing the states from which mango honey is produced

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