ELA Jungle Polyflora Honey

Two tropical red flowers
3 jars filled with ELA jungle polyflora honey

High F/G
Non-GMO Certified
Availability: Year-round

Jungle Polyflora Honey results from Honey Bees feeding on the Nectar of Jungle Blossoms.

Jungle Polyflora hold a special place in the hearts of flowers lovers due to ther breathtaking fragrance and exquisite beauty.

Tropical floral sources include but are not limited to Campanita, Dzidzilche, Kaatzim, Tzalam and Chaka.
Jungle flowers are those that thrive naturally in tropical climatic conditions.
Jungle flowers are those species of flowers that are native to the tropics.

ALL our Honey is RAW & Unfiltered, unless otherwise specified and/or requested.

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661 lb Drum
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