We specialize in providing top-quality honey products for foodservice businesses.

Discover our range of honey offerings, including buckets, barrels, and containers, perfect for all your culinary needs.

ALL our Honey is 

RAW & Unfiltered

Our honey is sourced from the finest beekeepers, ensuring exceptional quality.

Choose from a variety of container sizes to suit your foodservice requirements.

Bear 12 oz

1 oz

For these honey containers, please send us an email today for pricing and availability:

2755 lbs / 1250 kg / 220 gallons

Spacekraft Tote w/ Heater

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We offer your choice of 100% RAW unprocessed unfiltered Honey or Homogenized Processed and Filtered depending on your Needs in Honey Packing and/or Food Industry.


Non GMO Project Verified

We help you and your family steer clear of the perils of Genetically Modified Organisms.

Stay Healthy! Stay Natural!