Willow Gift Basket with Ornaments

Willow Gift Basket with Ornaments

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4 1/2"H X 10 1/2"W X 5 1/2"D.


honey blossom gift baskets

 What Honey Blossom Stands For

Each pound of Honey Blossom you purchase saves approximately 1000 bees

@ Honey Blossom we're looking to help Impoverished Remote Rural Communities in the US & abroad that possess Ancient Natural Treasures by serving both them and serving you as a direct link between both worlds!

The Farmers get to earn a living and stay in their communities without having to migrate to the cities, or to other countries. All the while you get pristine 100% natural clean products in the comfort of your home and/or office.

People living in cities have become so disconnected from the earth and nature that they have become sick and miserable! Let's face it, we've all been there! There are so many diseases that have skyrocketed in the past 30 years! Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Alzheimer's, Dementia, Depression, Suicide, Respiratory Illnesses like the Cold and Flu and so many others!

Listen, we're not saying we can cure you of anything!

We're just here to provide you with the Most Amazing 100% Natural Healthy Products known to human kind, and in doing so, we are looking to benefit the environment.



Save the Bees & Help Rural Communities through our Fair Trade Practices!

Save the Bees & Help Rural Communities through our Fair Trade Honey Blossom

@ Honey Blossom we’re serious about helping our Farmers & Beekeepers Save the Bees and Protect the Environment!
A % of each purchase goes directly to the Producers and their Communities.
FairTSA independently monitors the Fair Payment and Social Premium paid to the Farmers & Beekeepers to ensure your Investment reaches them.


Honey Bloosom

Where does Honey Blossom's Honey derive from?

Our Certifications

Glyphosate Free Certified by The Detox Project
Glyphosate works as a broad spectrum systemic herbicide that kills weeds and is used as a desiccant.
Glyphosate Residue Free Certification verifies that your products do not contain the World’s most used herbicide.
Non GMO Project Verified By Where Food Comes From, Inc.
There are lots of choices at the grocery store, but the majority of the foods we eat have been genetically modified.
They contain GMOs, and there's growing concern about the health and environmental effects.
To avoid them, is organic good? Organic is great. It's a really comprehensive certification.
The Non GMO Project takes it a step further by actually requiring ongoing testing of all of the GMO risk ingredients.

Kosher Pareve Certified by Dallas Kosher
What is kosher? A Hebrew word meaning ‘fit,’ it is not the rabbi blessing the food, organic or any other popular misconception! It is, however, a set of biblical dietary guidelines followed by people of the Jewish faith, Muslims and some Christian groups such as Seventh Day Adventists.
Statistics show that many Kosher consumers are not Jewish. These consumers are people who perceive kosher to be cleaner and better!
Specialty Food Association
2020 Membership Certificate
We are a proud member of the Specialty Food Association which puts us at the center of a world-wide community of businesses that are shaping the future of food.


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Due to our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, we do not accept returns of any item once it ships.

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Purchases made from entities other than directly with Honey Blossom are not eligible.  Please contact the retailer where the Honey Blossom purchase was made and inquire about their return policy.

Why does Honey Crystallize?

Honey is a supersaturated mixture of natural sugars, collected from the nectar of plants. It contains over 70% sugars and less than 20% water. The two main sugars in honey are fructose and glucose.  The content of fructose and glucose in honey varies from one type of honey to another.  The balance of these two main sugars causes the crystallization of honey, and the relative percentage of each determines whether it crystallizes quickly or slowly. What crystallizes is glucose, due to its lower solubility. Fructose is more soluble in water than glucose and will remain fluid.

When glucose crystallizes, it separates from water and takes the form of small crystals. As crystallization progresses and more glucose crystallizes, those crystals spread throughout the honey. The solution changes to a stable saturated form, and finally the honey thickens or crystallizes.



Many people think that crystallized honey is synonymous with adulteration, this is not true.  True raw honey crystallizes.  The process of crystallization is natural and spontaneous.  Pure, raw, unheated honey has a natural tendency to crystallize over time with no effect on the honey other than color and texture.

Crystallization of honey actually preserves the taste and quality characteristics of your honey.  Many honey users prefer it in this state as it is easier to spread on bread.

Crystallized honey also tastes richer. When honey is in the crystallized state, it takes longer to melt on the tongue, allowing all the taste buds to be activated and capture the subtleties.

The natural sugars in honey tend to solidify at temperatures below 25 °C.

If your prefer your Honey dripping, heat it in a double boiler for a few minutes.

Is Honey better than proccesed sugar?

Bees have already done the hard work for us, their enzymes make Honey more easily to digest than its processed alternatives.

Honey contains minerals and amino acids that processed sugar does not.

Honey doesn´t spike your blood sugar like processed sugar does.


What is the difference between a regular Candle and a Beeswax Candle?

Beeswax: Environmentally friendly and safe, non-toxic. Burn very clean with little smoke.
Paraffin: A black sludge that is treated with 100% industrial strength bleach to change its color to white, creating toxic dloxins.

Beeswax: Hypo-allergenic, benefit those with environmental allergies, sensitivities, and asthma.
Paraffin: Are to be avoided by those with allergies or asthma conditions.

Beeswax: Have a high melting point (in fact the highest among all known waxes) which results in a significantly longer (2-5 times) burn time and drip very little, if any at all. (this offsets the cost).
Paraffin: Not as efficient. Short burning and drip excessively, which means that they may not be that economical after all.

Beeswax: Burn stronger and brighter. Emit naturally bright light of the same light spectrum as the sun.
Paraffin: Produce a flame that is not as strong and brilliant. Cannot evoke the same natural ambience of warmth and style as beeswax.

What is Black Garlic?

Black garlic is nothing but regular white garlic that has been fermented. The garlic is used in both sweet and savoury dishes, especially in countries like Japan, Thailand and South Korea, which have long known and used it in their meals. In fact, it is now known in almost all of Asia and in some parts of US, too.

As far as the health benefits are concerned, a black garlic contains more antioxidants. It is also believed to be a great source of protein, fiber, iron, vitamin C and calcium. You can easily add it to your meals.

It is also believed to balance the blood sugar level. The antioxidants in it can prevent diabetes complications and boost the health of the heart. If you are looking to give a boost to your health and immunity, consider eating black garlic. It can also boost the body’s metabolism and protect the liver from infections and damage.


Why is our Honey Factory brand more affordable compared to our premium Honey Blossom brand?

First let us define that all our honey comes directly from the hive, without taking away the nutrients that make the honey special.  Carefully packaged to the highest standards.  The difference lies in the packaging and certifications, while Honey Factory is Kosher certified; Honey Blossom is also Kosher certified and is proudly Non-GMO Project Verified, Glyphosate Free Certified and Fair Trade Certified.

Honey Blossom, is a Collection Honey for demanding gourmets.


Free Shipping

We offer to our customers Free Shipping within the Continental USA on Orders over $50.
Please allow 2-3 business days for orders to be processed and shipped. All orders ship ground 3-5 business days.


Do you ship outside the USA?

Yes. However, you will have to pay for the Shipping and consult with your local Customs for any taxes/duties and/or restrictions on imports to your country.


Honey Blossom Honey is RAW Honey?

"While there is no official U.S. federal definition of “RAW” Honey, it generally means honey that has not been heated or filtered. We often see or hear claims that raw honey is more nutritious or better for you, primarily because raw honey may contain small amounts of pollen grains that are often removed during processing or filtering." National Honey Board.

Our Honey has Never been micro filtered, it retain 100% of its Natural content of pollen, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, propolis and other micronutrients.
Our Honey has Never been Pasteurized or heated above 120 degrees.
Our Honey undergoes Minimal processing, such as spinning, decanting and straining to get any large debris such as wood chips and wax out of it and get it into the jars so you are able to enjoy it at home.

Some people claim Honey should never go above 100 degrees, but if you've ever been down to Texas or Mexico in the Summer, you know this is bogus, since Honeybees down in these parts regularly do their work at temperatures between 90 and 120 degrees depending on the area and the season.

So is our Honey RAW? You decide!


How do you eat a Honeycomb?

This is a Great question.

Honey still inside the Honeycomb strictly speaking is the Only Honey that should be considered RAW, since it's still inside those little wax hexagonal combs the Bees use to store them in.
So the Honey has Not been in contact with the air, this avoids any sort of oxidation.

It's also 100% RAW Pure Untouched by Anyone other than the Honey Bee that put inside and "capped" the cell entrance.

As to What to do with them...

You can directly Bite into them and they are chewy, you chew it like you would bubble gum or tobacco and you keep chewing until the Honey runs out and then you spit out the Wax.

You could actually reuse that excess wax, melt it and make candles!

You can cut it with a spoon and again chew it.

You can pair with fruit and/or granola.

You can cut out a cube and throw it inside your tea and/or coffee, smoothie, juice or any other drink.

Eating the Honeycomb is just an Overall Fun Experience! Kinda like riding a Bike or riding a Horse. It's Just Plain Fun!

Again, you'll have to chew at some point and throw out the excess unused Beeswax.

The Beeswax itself has hundreds of uses such as shoe polish, or wood varnish, etc.

Some people are using the Honeycomb for drinks like martinis and even ice cream.

So there's literally hundreds of recipes!

Please also check out the video below


My Honeycomb arrived all sticky what should I do?

This is quite common with the Honeycombs. 
Simply just rinse briefly with 1 or 2 hands over the sink with cold water and the Honey that seeped out will come right off.
Dry with a clean cloth or paper towel and you can then go ahead and open it up and enjoy!

Honey Blossom


Where does Honey Blossom's Honey derive from?

Does Honey Promotes Lower Weight Gain?

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What Honey Blossom Stands For

At Honey Blossom we're looking to Help Impoverished Remote Rural Communities in the US & Abroad that possess Ancient Natural Treasures by Serving Both Them and Serving You Aa A Direct Link between Both Worlds!

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