Terms and Conditions

Honey Blossom through this web page exposes the Terms and Conditions with the aim that through of this website Honey Blossom commercialize and offer to the general public various goods for purchase.


Honey Blossom declares to be a company legally constituted in United States of America, without any impediment to offer the products through the website of its property, being this owner of the goods that are offered, as well as the elements that are protected by your intellectual property.
Honey Blossom declares that the products that are published for purchase correspond to the quality and brand announced.
The User declares to be adult, as well as accepts these terms and conditions, being obliged to observe and respect them at all times during navigation and purchase on this website, likewise recognizes the return policy published by Honey Blossom in the present site.

Honey Blossom offers various products through its website and transfers the ownership of a product to the user who accepts the offer of sale by requesting payment of a certain amount of money. The sale offer is defined as any publication made by Honey Blossom through its website, which will contain a price and a description of the good, including taxes and shipping costs.

The time of delivery of the purchased product may vary according to the location indicated by the user, Honey Blossom is committed to prepare and send the product in the following 2 to 3 working days after the sale, and to carry out control procedures in case the product is delayed in arriving more than the established; The user may also check the delivery status on the website of the shipping company.

Payments can be made by different means, for which the user must confirm the amount to be paid, payment service is outsourced, companies dedicated to capturing payments by electronic pages and then deposit the amount to Honey Blossom, companies that can consist of enunciative and commercially as VISA, MASTERCARD, PAYPAL, among others, which have their own terms and conditions to perform correct form your services.

Honey Blossom will always have the objective of satisfying the user with respect to the operations on this website. Honey Blossom reserves the right to change the terms of this instrument, which will be published on its website.



Honey Blossom uses a third party payment platform and does not manage or store customer data such as credit or debit cards. When the user pays for a product, the payment website is invoked from Paypal or another payment method, so the customer sends all credit or debit card information to the payment gateway and not to the Honey Blossom online store.



In case the user requires a tax receipt please send an email to info@thehoneyblossom.com
Honey Blossom undertakes to send by email within a period not exceeding 7 working days.



Honey Blossom is the owner of the intellectual property rights to the maximum extent permitted by Law, so that the user is strictly prohibited from making any copy, transmission, distribution, commercial benefit and in general any action that contravenes or prejudices the rights related to the intellectual property of Honey Blossom, without the prior written consent of Honey Blossom or the owner of the corresponding intellectual property, since otherwise the infringing user will be responsible for the sanctions established by the Industrial Property Law.


The website owned by Honey Blossom, is made to be used by people of legal age, so the tutors or parents will be totally responsible for the acts carried out by minors within the website, same acts as enunciative but not limiting are exemplified as damages to third parties, use of intellectual property of others, contravention of these terms and conditions, among other illegal actions.

The user acknowledges that the data provided to Honey Blossom, will be regulated in accordance with the provisions of the privacy notice and privacy policy published on this website.

Regarding the returns of products will be subject to the provisions and related by the return policy published on this website.
The user can send their comments, complaints or write to the following address: info@thehoneyblossom.com

By using this website you are accepting the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to make modifications or updates to this privacy notice at any time, which may be consulted on this website.