Image of 8 of Honey Blossom's soaps, on a marble table, with honey, cinnamon sticks, coffee beans, habaneros, chocolate bars, beeswax candles, loofah and turmeric roots around them.


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      Honey Blossom 100% Pure Castile Soap bar was born out of our desire to share with you the Purity of a Clean Honest to God Decent Bar of Soap devoid of any nasty stuff, period!

      We're applying to Soap, the same honest, no nonsense approach which we've applied to Honey.

      Our 100% All Natural Artisanal Soaps are Hand Made and Cold Pressed.

      We simply take 100% Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil and mix it with Lye, this mixture immediately undergoes a Natural Alchemical Process called "Saponification" which is the transformation of an Oil/Fat by an Alkali into Soap.

      All Solid Soaps By Definition Must use Both Lye and an Oil/Fat. The Transformation of the 2 together thru the aforementioned process of Saponification is the Only way to produce a Solid Bar of Soap.

      Commercial Soap uses Pre-fabricated Soap bases which Do Not disclose the Fats or Oils they are using, which are mostly discarded Animal Fats and Oils full of toxins and all kinds of gunk, as well as all sorts of nasty chemicals!

      The type of Oil used to make the Soap is Very important and will inherit certain qualities to the Final Soap produced. We decided to go 100% Castile, which is a Soap Exclusively made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This is so we can provide you with The Best possible Soap experience!

      The end product is a Soap bar that is Very Smooth, not too hard and not too soft. It's The Perfect Castile Soap bar, which does Not leave your skin soapy, yet does Not dry your skin either.

      Most commercial Soaps are made with several other chemicals and with the nastiest Oils and Fats you could possibly imagine like pigs fat and other such cheap ingredients that are mostly waste materials.

      Honey Blossom Castile Soap bar has No Animal Fats/Oils whatsoever! 

      100% Vegetarian and Vegan Options as well!

      Just give you the Good Stuff! After all... Cleanliness is Next to Godliness!

      • 100% Pure Castille Soap Bar
      • 100% Natural
      • 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil used as a base ONLY!
      • Non GMO
      • Kosher
      • Fair Trade
      • No Alcohol
      • Handcrafted
      • No Parabens
      • No Chemicals
      • Cruelty Free
      • Hypoallergenic
      • 100% Natural
      • No Phthalates
      • No Added Colors
      • No Added Fragrances
      • No Glycerin
      • Cold Processed
      • No Added Scents
      • Free of Animal Fats/Oils
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