Image of the 4 jars of Honey Blossom infused Honey, on a small wooden table on grass.

Superfoods Infused Honey

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      A Blessing for you Inside and Outside of Every Jar!

      • Great Home Remedy for the Flu and/or Cold.
      • Great Cough Suppressant and Chest Expectorant.
      • Great Anti-Inflammatory.
      • Great All Natural Allergy Relief
      • Full of Antioxidants
      • Slavery FREE
      • NO Processed Sugars
      • Dairy FREE
      • Non-GMO 
      • Fair Trade 
      • Kosher 
      • Gluten FREE
      • Soy FREE
      • Glyphosate FREE
      • Grain FREE
      • Dairy FREE
      • NO Processed Sugars
      • NO Added Salts
      • NO Preservatives
      • LOW Sodium
      • Paleo Diet
      • Perfect for CKD TKD Keto Diet Cycles
      Image of a mother and daughter in the kitchen, enjoying the morning making toasted bread with cocoa-infused honey (I Bless Honey from Honey Blossom)