Image of a honeycomb full of honey, dropping all of it on a wooden table, and next to it is a honey spoon.


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      We were able to harvest 1,000 Fresh New USA Honeycombs!

      Get Yours Today!

      Limited Quantities Available!
      Hurry Before They Run Out!!

      Other than that we won't get any more until late this summer!

      Most beekeepers in North America experienced Hive losses of 50% last year!
      So there will be a shortage of 100% USA Honeycombs and Real RAW Honey!

      Where to get raw honeycomb?

      Right here! The Honey Blossom is one the best places to buy raw honeycomb.

      Hundreds of us Beekeepers and millions of American Honeybees greatly appreciate your support!

      Honey Blossom

      Eating 100% Real RAW Natural Honeycomb is the most Amazing Experience you can Enjoy Today by yourself or with friends and family! Buy Real Honeycomb TODAY!

      Honey Blossom has the Highest Quality Gourmet 100% US Honeycomb made right here in America by hundreds of hardworking American Beekeepers and millions of American Honey Bees. 

      Where to buy honeycomb?

      Our 100% US Honeycomb for sale is far superior to any imported Honeycomb since ours offer you the Local North American Pollen content. They are also from This Year’s Harvest, meaning you get a Fresh 1st Quality Edible Honeycomb as opposed to a stale import whose country of origin might be shady and could possibly be a 2nd or 3rd quality reject. We also over delicious chocolate covered honeycomb.

      Eating 100% RAW Natural Honeycomb is the Most Pristine, Untouched, Freshest way to eat Honey, plus it guarantees you the Honey is in Fact Real and 100% RAW.

      How to eat bee Honeycomb? How do I eat Honeycomb? Wondering where can you buy real honeycomb near me?

      Look no further! We have 100% Pure RAW US Honeycomb for Sale right here @ Honey Blossom!

      You can Bite directly into our 100% Pure RAW edible US Honeycomb since they’re soft and chewy, or you can use a spoon. 

      You can chew our 100% Pure RAW edible US Honeycomb like you would bubble gum. Once the Honey runs out you can spit out the Wax or swallow it. It won't get digested; however, it will help clean out your teeth, gums and gut.

      You can pair our 100% Pure RAW edible US Honeycombs with fruit, granola, ice cream, cheese, crackers, coffee, tea, wine, martinis, etc. Your imagination's the limit!


        Honey is not sugar! Microscopic View of Honey Crystals vs Microscopic View of Sugar Crystals

      • 100% RAW Edible US Honeycomb is The Best All Natural Health Immunity Booster!
      • Full of Enzymes, Pollen, Propolis and All Sorts of Amazing Micro Nutrients!!
      • Great Home Remedy for the Flu and/or Cold.
      • Great Cough Suppressant and Chest Expectorant.
      • Great Anti-Inflammatory.
      • Great ALL Natural Allergy Relief
      • Full of Antioxidants
      • Non GMO
      • Kosher
      • Fair Trade
      • NO Added Sugars
      • NO Processed Sugars
      • NO Added Salts
      • NO Preservatives
      • LOW Sodium
      • Paleo Diet
      • Vegetarian
      • Perfect for Keto Diet Cycles
      • Never Ever goes bad or spoils! 
      • Does NOT require refrigeration!

      Honeycomb is a Seasonal Item with very Limited Quantities available. buy edible Honeycomb TODAY!

      Do you eat the Beeswax? What to do with the Beeswax? What is the Beeswax used for?

      Heck Yeah! Lots of women and men love to swallow it whole! Hmmm... Yummy!!


      Check Out What Our Customers Are Saying!

      First time trying the honeycomb and i'm hooked! Honeycomb was so good and it was my first time eating it too! I am hooked. I bought two and going to be sending my mom one


      Yummy honeycomb! i already love honey and i'm a naturalist... I bought my second honeycomb before my first one was gone to make sure I didn't have to do without


      Bought a couple of these to try out... looked so good in the ads. I thought, why not? well, got my shipment this week and, let me tell you. It's delicious!!


      Has anyone actually tried this honey? yes, it's great. Tim Creasey thank you for your support!be sure to check your email and visit our site for the VIP Black Friday pre sale we have going on this weekend
      First and foremost, i must say that i am amazed by your customer service. The level of detail you provided, paired with your candid feedback is very much appreciated. I hadn't thought of seasonality for honeycombs. I did just place an order for 3 more, lucky to get them, along with my promo code


      Love mine will order again. Awesome!! thanks for the love man!! check your inbox for a special xmas surprise!

      Check out these 3 videos below on How to Properly Indulge in Honeycomb!


      Which one out of the 3 do you think ate it better?
      Let us know on our Social Media @the.honeyblossom
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