Image of 2 bottles of Pecan & Coconut Honey Oil, on a green background with red, with a split coconut on the right and pecan nuts.

Honey Oils

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      Image of the bottle pouring its oil, on a white background. with the logos of the certifications: fair trade, glyphosate residue free, kosher pareve. And text that says: Unique in the world. Made with: Fair Trade Orange Blossom Honey, Pecans, Coconut, Moringa, Turmeric.

      Extra Virgin & Cold Pressed!!

      Unique in the World!

      All Natural Health Immunity Booster

      Ideal for Healthy Cooking or Seasoning!

      • Keto Diet
      • Gluten Free
      • Soy Free
      • Paleo Diet
      • CKD TKD KETO
      • 100% natural
      • LOW sodium
      • NO added colors
      • NO added salts
      • NO added flavors
      • NO preservatives
      Image of the bottle of Pecan & Coconut Honey Oil, with several dots that say: Non GMO Project Verified, Glyphosate Free Certified , Fair Trade Certified, Kosher Pareve Certified, 100% Pure Honey, Gluten Free, Single Country of Origin, No Mixing, Single ingredient, No added colours or flavours, Vegetarian Diet, Low Glycemic Index, Paleo Diet / CKD TKD Keto, No processed sugars, no added salts, no preservatives