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      Honey Factory Wildflower Honey All Natural Health Immunity Booster 12oz

      Our Value Honey in a Bottle so Everyone Can Afford 100% Real Pure All Natural Honey and Enjoy its Many Benefits!

      • Great Home Remedy for the Flu and/or Cold.
      • Great Cough Suppressant and Chest Expectorant.
      • Great Anti-Inflammatory.
      • Great All Natural Allergy Relief
      • Full of Antioxidants
      • 100% Pure All Natural
      • Kosher
      • NO Added Sugars
      • NO Processed Sugars
      • NO Added Salts
      • NO Preservatives
      • LOW Sodium
      • Paleo Diet
      • Perfect for CKD TKD Keto Diet Cycles
      Image from a facebook review by Pilar Reza with an image of the Honey Factory bottle with a starbucks coffee. And text that says:  "When my latter is better than starbucks. (Love their cups though). Oh and by the way who needs sweeteners when you have nature's gift... honey.  And this honey from is amazing! Honey Blossom