Benefits You Should Know About Honey

Raw honey is one of the healthiest natural sweeteners on the market, and its popularity is increasing rapidly. It can...

How do we know if we're buying adulterated honey?

Read the label to see the ingredients.Check that the famous "high fructose syrup" or commercial glucose does not appe...

Beeswax Candles: Natural Air Purifiers

Chemicals are stored in our homes, which pollute the air and can be even more harmful than the air on the streets. Th...

Why Does Honey Crystallize?

Honey is a overloaded mixture of natural sugars, collected from the nectar of plants. It contains over 70% sugars an...

Honey, Powerful Antiviral Remedy? No way!

Honey is a natural food with very interesting properties, some researchers mention it may helps treat infections and ...
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