a jar of honey, honeycombs, flowers of different types and 2 honey dipper sticks

What is the Best Honey?

Honey can be mistaken for so many honeys that exist, all with varied flavors and colors. But the best honey is really a personal choice.


Quick buy guide on how to find the perfect honey:


From the very sweet honeys that have an almost floral taste, as a general rule, the clearer the color of the honey, the sweeter it is. If you like the sweet, try Orange Blossom Honey. A soft, creamy honey.

Wildflower Honey honey varies in color and sweetness, to offer flavor of its multifloral genus. related to the sweetness and taste of honey inside. From the very sweet, to the subtly sweet.

Are you a sweet fan? Try honey Mango Honey, to get a rich honey, perfect for marinating or with your favorite cheese.

Honey Blossom has been leading the path of beekeeping.



If you're looking to try something a little different from your usual honey, try exploring the honey world, for example:

Flavoured honeys are created by bees that only look for certain flowers. For example, Wildflower Honey contains nectar that has a sweet taste with a floral aroma. Try it, you're going to love it.

Honey Blossom specializes in the production of unpasteurized honeys. They sell honey from their own hives, and stock up on the best regional honeys. Unpasteurized honeys have been recognized for their healthy properties for thousands of years. Explore the rest of the Honey Blossom honey range.

Honey Avocado Honey is something to experience. Try Avocado Honey honey is perfect for spraying on a salad or adding it to an herbal tea.

Honey has been used for centuries, even the Romans used honey to pay their taxes instead of gold. But, honey is considered the real liquid gold thanks to its health benefits.

Honey is still known for its benefits as an aid for sore throat and general well-being, thanks to its profile of antibacterial properties.

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