a honeycomb dripping honey, with a dipper stick next to it.

Is there any real difference between consuming Honey from a jar than from the actual Honeycomb?

In a perfect world they "could" be the same. However there are some key differences in the real world.

1st off when you eat the Honey with the Honeycomb you are munching and chewing on the Honey + Beeswax + Bee Pollen + Bee Bread + Bee Propolis all in 1.

When you eat the Honey from the Jar/Bottle you're just eating the Honey by itself. If you don't strain or filter the Honey you Might get a few Beeswax and Propolis particles in there, but not a whole lot. If it's gently strained Honey which is Not industrially micro filtered and Not overheated past 120 degrees and Not adulterated with high fructose GMO corn syrup then you'll get All the Health Benefits of 100% Pure Honey. However you won't get the added benefits of the other components.

Also, how can you tell if it's 100% Real Honey? We could tell you ours is 100% Real 'till our faces go blue and our fingers bleed from typing it on here, but that's not gonna make it so.
The problem is Everyone and their grandmother (sorry grandma) claims that, however Most of them are lying through their nose.

Indeed over 70% of All Honey in the Market is FAKE! It's the 3rd most FAKED Food in the World, behind Cooking Oils and Milk! So chew on that! On the flip side of that, there's 30% or less of us Honey folks whom put in the hard work tending Honey Bees, and bring to Market 100% Pure Honey trying to convey our message, however it's Really Hard to get it across given so much noise and advertising pollution.

How do we connect with honest customers such as yourself trying to eat properly? There's no easy answer. One such solution is the Honeycomb. When you eat Honey inside the Honeycomb it's like picking up a full pineapple and cutting it yourself, or fishing a fish out of a stream and cooking it yourself. There's NO WAY to FAKE that, period.

a jar of Jungle Blossom honey, with a USA Honeycomb on the back, on a wooden table, with a warm light. And a button that says "Buy Now".