Is Honey Solid or In Pieces?

Is Honey Solid or In Pieces?

When honey is in solid state or in chunks, this means it is crystallizing. Honey is a highly concentrated natural sugar solution. Honey crystallization is similar to the process used to make candy.

Honey crystallizes at different speeds. It is believed that this depends on the proportion of the different sugars found in honey, as well as the temperature at which honey is stored.

Some people prefer their "in pieces" honey. For example, if honey is used primarily in tea, a tablespoon of crystallized honey is easier to measure and less likely to create a disorder, in addition to dissolving just as quickly, try mixing crystallized honey with peanut butter.

However, if you prefer liquid honey, simply gently heat the jar. We recommend boiling a pot of water, then place the jar in the water and wait for it to cool. If the honey is in a plastic jar, take out a little and place it first on another plate. If it is still crystallized, let it sit for a few minutes, then repeat until liquid.

Mild heating will not destroy the taste or nullify the beneficial properties of honey, just be careful not to heat too fast, because it can burn honey.