a woman with a sore throat, and a jar of honey on her right.

Is Honey good for sore throat?

As we all know, the flu and cold season is beginning, the sore throats and cough that keep you up all night are the worst combination when you still have to work and do chores. Don't let your cough and sore throat keep you awake at night. Maybe you've ever wondered:
Is honey good for sore throat? In short. Yes!
Honey can be one of the most effective home remedies for sore throats and coughing. However, there are a couple of things to consider when choosing the most effective honey to relieve cough and sore throat.

Taking pure honey for the sore throat

Pure honey is much more beneficial for sore throat and cough because its natural antibacterial properties include beneficial enzymes, nutrients and minerals, as well as pieces of natural pollen. Sore throat is derived from some type of inflammation in the throat, which can be caused by bacterial or viral problems, as well as environmental factors. The natural properties of honey result in antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory benefits. Natural honey naturally relieves inflammation.

How to take natural honey for sore throat

You should drink from a teaspoon or twice a day. We recommend taking one tablespoon in the morning after breakfast, and another in the evening before bedtime. Taking a tablespoon of natural honey on its own, after you've finished eating and drinking, allows the honey to cover your throat and stay covered. The longer the honey stays on the inflammation, the better the relief.

Taking natural honey to relieve coughing

Today, we feel that cough syrup is the best thing for us and our family when we treat coughing. However, when it comes to cough relief, honey has been scientifically proven to be more effective.
Natural honey is a more natural and effective way to treat cough and sore throat. All the honey we sell is guaranteed as pure honey.


Different varieties of honey

If you are familiar with honey, then you probably know it comes in many varieties, and all honey has different flavors based on the plant from which bees have been taking nectar.
If all pure honey is good for cough relief, you may wonder if there is any particular variety that is better than the rest, all honey varieties help.



the jar of mesquite honey, next to the USA Honeycomb, on a rock and background blurred with trees.