2 dishes with honey, one with liquid honey and the other with crystallized honey.

How to Detect Fake Honey

What is honey?

Honey is the natural sweet substance, produced by honey bees from the nectar of plants that the bees collect, combining with specific substances of their own, deposit, dehydrate, store and leave in the combs to mature.

Honey consists essentially of different sugars, predominantly glucose and fructose. The colour of honey varies from almost colourless to dark brown. The consistency can be fluid, viscous or partially or totally crystallised. The taste and aroma vary, but generally derive from the origin of the plant. The application of these standards varies from country to country, but there are few federal standards or government certification and there are no consequences for false claims. Your best answer is to know your grower.

Fake honey started when the market was flooded with cheap honey with contaminants. Pollen gives honey DNA, tells you where the honey came from.

Real honey is expensive and has anti-inflammatory properties. There are three basic kinds of honey: natural or pure made from raw honey; adulterated, which contains some natural honey plus other ingredients; and then imitation or artificial honey made from sugar or corn syrup with food additives and coloring.

The way to tell real honey from fake honey is that if it is sticky it means it contains sugar or artificial sweetener. Put a drop on a paper towel. Pure honey will not penetrate for a long time because honey does not contain water. Pure honey contains 0% water because water promotes fungus and bees do not want that in their hives.

Place a drop near the ants. Because bees place their nests in trees and rocks, add an additive to their honey to protect it from pests, the ants will not disturb the natural honey. Fill a glass of water and add a spoonful of honey. The pure honey will sit on a lump at the bottom of the glass, while the artificial honey begins to dissolve. See if it crystallizes over time, this used to bother me, because I had to dip the honey jar in hot water to rinse it and drain it again. Which is also one of the reasons why manufacturers adulterate it. People are alarmed by crystallized honey.

To be classified as true honey, it must contain some pollen. Any product that has been ultra-filtered and no longer contains pollen is not honey. Pasteurization, heating or straining are not used with raw honey.

The bees inject into the raw honey what makes it extraordinary. These "magic ingredients", honey enzymes and important antioxidants, cannot be outdone by any other product because of their health benefits.

There is no need to refrigerate an open jar of honey. Do not heat honey to high temperatures that will kill the benefits.

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