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Honey As One of the Top Home Remedies For Cough Sore Throat

Coughs and sore throats are two irritations that have the potential to keep you awake the entire night. These issues are further compounded by the vagaries of weather, with both humid and hot conditions often existing on the same day. If you really want to ease your present throat conditions and sleep peacefully, consider using honey, which is one of the popular home remedies for cough sore throat.

Pure honey is best for the sore throat

Pure honey has several natural properties such as beneficial enzymes minerals and natural pollen as well, which are often lost in its processed form.  A sore throat is the result of throat inflammations caused either by viral or bacterial problems, or even due to the environment. Natural honey is said to have antimicrobial benefits by several scientific studies, and also behaves as an anti-inflammatory agent.

To derive the benefits of one of the best home remedies for cough sore throat, mix 2 tsp of honey with warm water or tea. You should drink the mixture once or twice in the entire day. Children below 1 year of age may not get pure honey as their immune system is still in development, and so it should not be given to them.    

Honey itself, when consumed after meals, sits as a coating on the inflammation. The longer it coats the inflammation, the greater the relief will be. Although honey in tea will help to a great extent, it should not be the only antidote to your sore throat.

Scientifically proven to be effective for coughs

Honey has been scientifically proven as a more effective cure for coughs in comparison to diphenhydramine and dextro-methorphan. In certain specific studies relief for the ones who took pure honey was greater than the ones who consumed over the counter cough syrups. The best way is to take one spoonful after breakfast and the other before bed.

Helps bolster immunity

In the later part of winter, the body’s immune system will be greatly helped with some extra protection. This can be done with the help of a combination of pure honey, black pepper, cinnamon, and turmeric. It is a well known Ayurvedic remedy to give relief to the throat.

Here’s how the above combination works. The honey behaves like a demulcent that works to soothe the inflamed upper respiratory tract membranes, and also carries the spices. Turmeric is helpful for its anti inflammatory properties, which is exactly what the throat needs. Other than this, the spice is also an effective pain reliever.

Black pepper may appear an odd component in the above mentioned combination, but its presence does make a major difference. When it is added to turmeric, the absorption of turmeric in the body goes up hugely. Black pepper improves the lungs and also handles adverse respiratory conditions.  

The last spice in this mixture, cinnamon, has a variety of medicinal benefits and is also imparts a slightly sweet taste. It is a great remedy for colds, coughs, and sinus congestions, as it is responsible for clearing mucous. It also relieves an individual of gastrointestinal pain, which usually comes together with the other winter bugs. So, these are the methods which can prevent you from unnecessarily taking drugs for colds.


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