a jar with honey on a wooden board, with oranges cut in half and ginger around it.

Good Home Remedies For Cough

Are you finding it difficult to carry on with daily activities due to a sore throat and cough? Although there are a number of allopathic remedies for cold and cough, it is not advisable to consume them on a regular basis, especially when natural treatment methods are available. In fact, one of the best home remedies for cough is honey.

A cough plays a very important role in getting rid of irritants from the body, but it gets suffocating and annoying when it becomes persistent. In fact, the sustained cough may be an indicator for conditions such as bacterial infections, allergies, and viral infections. At times, it isn’t even linked to your lungs, an example being Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD).

Here is how to prepare one of the home remedies for cough with honey. Mix it with warm water and lemon juice, the latter helping to remove throat congestion. Bread with honey can be consumed as a snack.

 Applications of honey as remedies for cough

  • Black pepper and honey- An excellent way to stay away from colds and sore throat is to consume honey and black pepper as a mixture. Roast 3-4 black peppers and then grind them into powder, which can be added to half a spoon of honey.
  • Turmeric and honey- This combination certainly helps to give relief from irritation due to cough However, it must be noted here that the combination of turmeric and honey cannot cure the cough as a part of common cold.
  • Flax, honey and lemon- Boil flax seeds in water to get a thick substance which helps to relieve the bronchial tracts. Lemon and honey act as natural antibiotics to ease the inflammation. This mixture is a highly potent natural cough and cold remedy.
  • Honey and turmeric in milk- Turmeric has a therapeutic effect on coughs. Turmeric milk is a globally famous product for obtaining relief from coughs, and the addition of honey will not just be sweet but will add antiseptic properties as well. Turmeric milk itself is suitable for toddlers of all ages.

Important precautionary measure

One important thing to remember here is that home remedies for cough honey guides should be strictly applicable only to children above 5 years of age and adults. The remedy must not be given to an infant below the age of 1 year.

Other home remedies for colds

Apart from honey and its applications, there are other ingredients which can be used as natural remedies for irritated throats as well. The list of them is as follows:

  • Use of garlic as a home remedy- Garlic is a spice used in several cuisines around the world. Apart from its culinary prowess, it is also highly suitable as a home remedies for cough medicine. Garlic contains more than 100 chemically active compounds, which includes a number of antioxidants as well. If you are facing breathing problems, it is a good idea to consume boiled garlic. Rubbing it on your temples can also help to cure headaches.
  • Salt water gargles- It is easiest to prepare salt water solutions for gargles at home. All you need to do is boil a glass of water and mix it with 30 grams of salt. Once again, it does not cure the affected throat but gives relief from itches and inflammation, reducing the mucus and phlegm present behind it.
  • Use of tulsi tea- Tulsi leaves are known to have a variety of medicinal properties. They help to enhance immunity, remove phlegm as well as cough. Respiratory illnesses like coughs, colds, asthma, and bronchitis can be prevented by regularly sipping on tulsi tea.
  • Ginger, lemon and thyme- This is one natural remedy which is both simple to make and tasty. If you want to make the cough syrup thicker, you can increase the quality of honey. You need to first soak the lemon with honey. Bring the thyme to a boil in water and strain the liquid on the lemon. The syrup can be made to last for 3-4 weeks by keeping in the refrigerator.
  • Onion vapors- Onion tends to radiate strong vapors once cut, often making people cry. However, many may not be aware that strong vapors that emanate from onion can make them stop coughing. It would be a good idea to cut an onion into quarters and leave it by your bedside in the night.
  • Peppermint tea- Peppermint is well known for its healing properties due to the presence of menthol, which decongests the throat and soothes it. Drinking peppermint tea is a suitable way of incorporating it into your system.

Points to keep in mind if you have a cough

  • Always cover your mouth when you cough
  • Wash your hands frequently after sneezing or coughing
  • Drink a lot of fluid for hydration
  • Try not to come in contact with others who are sick  

Avoid exposure to known allergens