a honeycomb filled with honey and a dipper stick on the right side.

Does Honey Expire? Is It The Food That Can Last Forever?

RAW Unfiltered Honey is a delicious, viscous and highly nutritious fluid secreted by bees. We are all aware of the many health benefits of honey. It essentially plays an important role in wound healing and as a natural sweetener. As the population of diabetic patients is increasing dramatically, more people are choosing RAW Honey, like Honey Blossom's 100% Pure Real Honey, over sugar. In addition to its nutritional qualities, honey never goes bad. You know you can eat thousands of years honey. Isn't that interesting? The only condition is that it is well sealed and stored against moisture. We all know that honey doesn't spoil, but have you ever thought why?

Pure Honey is not a white granulated sugar, it is still a sugar (it contains 38% fructose and 32% glucose) and the sugars are hygroscopic. Honey does not contain much water in its natural state. As there is not much water, so most microbes do not multiply, they grow on that substrate and have no chance of spoiling it.

Besides the low moisture content of honey, the pH of honey is too low for the survival of most spoilage microorganisms. This is also a reason why honey does not spoil.

honeycomb with a dipper stick on top, filled with honey, on a white dish. And a USA Honeycomb in the background

Honey is a product vomited from the bees' stomach. The chemical composition of the bees' stomach is such that it contributes to the long life of the honey. The bee's stomach has an enzyme, glucose oxidase, which is added to the honey and nectar. The enzyme and nectar mix to create gluconic acid and hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide serves as a hostile force for microbial growth.

so, how long does honey last?  What is the shelf life of a jar of Honey? The reasons mentioned above have probably answered the question why honey does not spoil? Therefore, do not hesitate to consume Pure RAW Honey.


an open USA Honeycomb, with 2 bees eating from the honeycomb, and text that reads: 100% RAW Honeycomb

Crystallization happens most often in Pure Honey. Many people think that crystallized honey is synonymous with adulteration, this is not true. True RAW Honey crystallizes.  The process of crystallization is natural and spontaneous.  Pure, RAW, unheated Honey has a natural tendency to crystallize faster with no effect on the Honey other than color and texture.

Crystallization of Honey actually preserves the taste and quality characteristics of your Honey.  Many Honey users prefer it in this state as it is easier to spread on bread.

Crystallized Honey also tastes richer. When Honey is in the crystallized state, it takes longer to melt on the tongue, allowing all the taste buds to be activated and capture the subtleties.

The natural sugars in Honey tend to solidify at temperatures below 25 °C.

If you prefer your liquid Honey dripping, heat it in a double boiler for a few minutes